Rays Certified Mechanics | BMW Repair

If you own a BMW then you own an awesome vehicle and need to make sure you hire qualified mechanics to maintenance your beauty. For over 37% of Americans, BMW is their dream car. And when you are fortunate enough to be driving the dream car, you want to make sure it is well taken care of. Rays Certified Mechanics has been repairing luxury vehicles for over twenty years. They specialize in BMW repair and BMW maintenance. When you choose Rays Certified Mechanics for your BMW repair, you choose a company that is dedicated to your vehicle with the experience necessary to perform the job right. When Rays Certified Mechanics performs your BMW repair you can rest assured that they are using original BMW manufacturers parts known in the industry as OEM for Original Equipment Manufacturer. We want to make sure your BMW is taken care of right and we go the extra mile to do so.

A Little BMW History

Did you known that BMW made the engine for the airplanes flown in World War One? That’s right the famous pilot Red Baron called the engine the greatest engine in the war. The BMW logo which was designed in 1929 was to celebrate the company’s airplane heritage. After the war, the Treaty of Versailles mandated that German companies were banned from making warplanes and war plane engines. So they modified their business plan and began making cars. the first car manufactured after the war was a Dixi 3/15 and only had 15 hp. BMW has been making electric cars for over 40 years. To read more about BMW click here.

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